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Monday, 29 February 2016

sugar and crumbs / natural flavoured icing sugar and nifty nozzle review

I have received some really innovative products from this company to try out.
Natural flavoured icing sugar strawberry milkshake flavour
The first thing to comment on is the lovely aroma when you open the packaging, it really does smell like strawberry milkshake.
The original colour is white which means you're able to add any colouring you choose and so we chose red to make a nice bright pink colour.
Very simple to use, just add butter and a bit of milk for the right consistency.
You can also add plain icing sugar as well to get a hint of flavour but I used the full amount which gives a tasty flavour which both my children and myself really enjoyed and because the flavourings are natural I was happier with my children eating it.
 I was also impressed that this product is gluten, nut, dairy and lactose free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Usually these types of products are very expensive but I thought this was quite reasonably price especially for the amount you get.

Nifty nozzle petal rose


I also received a nifty nozzle which is such a clever design and enables you to make individual rose flowers.
I am not very creative myself so this nozzle was great for me as its so simple to use and yet the end result looks like they have taken ages to do.
I really enjoyed making these with my five year old daughter, we had a lot of fun.
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