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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Beauty Expression | LA Skincare | natural | sensitive skin | review

This is another post in which I will be featuring products from this website which has a wide array of products that are natural and suitable for sensitive skin.

LA Skincare UK Professional Range 

I received this really handy travel size sample set which contains 6 products from the L.A Skincare range.

All of the skincare range contain no parabens, chemicals or artificial colours.

The products are not tested on animals.

I like the story behind this company as it was set up by a lady who wanted to provide the people in her salon with creams that would really work and wouldn't contain all the nasty chemicals that are in so many products to preserve the shelf life.

The first 3 tubes were:

Squeaky Clean Exfoliating Cleanser

I really like the fact that this lathers but does not leave your skin feeling greasy afterwards. 

I felt like I could use this product just on its own a few times a week as it gave such a thorough cleanse.

Plump Me Up Lifting Moisturiser Gel 

This was my favourite product. The main area you put it is around the eyes and it felt so cool and refreshing. 

I was so impressed with this product that it made its way into my every day make up bag.

Soft As Silk Serum

I don't use serums usually in my routine but I found this one worked great as a primer before I put on my foundation.

I really like the smell of this and I think its the combination of macadamia oil and rosehip oil that is dominant.

Then there were 3 pots of products:

Whipped Cream Moisturiser

This was such a nice, smooth cream and it absorbed really well into the skin.

I was really impressed that this cream is spf 30 so I was able to wear it before I put make up on and not worry about having to ruin my makeup with putting sun tan lotion on over the top.

Sweetie Sugar Scrub

I've really been enjoying sugar scrubs at the moment and this one did not disappoint. 

I like the consistency of it as the crystals were just big enough to exfoliate but not too big to be rough and irritate the skin.

Chocolate Delight Face Mask

This is an alternative to chemical peels as it contains natural ingredients so its much gentler on your skin. 

This had a lovely smell to it and you can tell that it is cocoa based. 

It says on the instructions to leave it on for 5 mins so I did a patch on my hand first and I had no itchiness or redness it just felt a little warm which is normal so I was then able to leave it on longer on my face.

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