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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

l.oved organics / review / natural skin care

I received these two very practical products from this company


Enriching night moisturiser
This a really luxurious product that just goes straight into the skin when applied without feeling greasy.
Gives the skin a silky smooth appearance.
I had no reaction straight after use and as this is a night cream you leave on I also had no reaction through the night either. No itchiness or redness.

Tzone fab facial scrub
This product has a lovely smell to it as the peppermint comes through.
When you first put it on there is a slight pleasant tingling sensation  which is the skin being exfoliated.
After use skin feels really refreshed.
I like to use this first thing in the morning as I get up.
I had no reaction to this product no itchiness or redness which was great because these are types of product that I usually have to stay away from.
This company also have a Facebook page where you can find more information.