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Monday, 6 June 2016

humblestuff natural cleaning review / handmade / eczema

This is an area that I have been doing a lot of research into lately as the cleaners I've been using have been irritating the eczema on my hands because of the harsh chemicals.
The two humblestuff products that I'm reviewing are handmade and contain no chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances.
Lemon myrtle multi surface spray
The ingredients list is limited to Aqua, Organic Castile Soap and Essential Oils.
This can be used all around the house, for example in the bathroom or kitchen, so its a really versatile product.
The scent is very uplifting and leaves the room with a lovely freshly cleaned aroma. There are other fragrances available or even a fragrance free one.
Even though this is a gentle spray I found it very effective at removing dirt and even grease.
I had no adverse reaction to this product no itchiness or redness.
Soft cleaning paste peppermint
This is a type of product that I haven't used before so I was interested to see how I got on with it.
I really loved the scent of this product.
All you need is one teaspoon of paste to 500ml of water.

I found it really good for cleaning the outside of the kettle and oven and things like that.

Again, I had no adverse reaction to this product no itchiness or redness.

And finally a positive for both products is that they come in 100% recyclable packaging. 

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