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Saturday, 30 July 2016

babblekids / bandana bibs review / preventing dribble rash

I was very happy to receive a selection of this companies large and small dribble bibs to try out with my 6 month old baby boy. They have a lot of smart conventional designs and then some more unusual ones such as the baseball design one which you can see in the photo.

Before I received these bibs I was having to put two bibs on my baby or the plastic backed ones which aren't very comfortable and a bit scratchy.

I've tried out a few branded bibs, some of which were really expensive, and I can honestly say that they do not come close to the soft and absorbent material combination in these bibs.

The front of the bib is made out of jersey cotton which is really high quality and absorbs dribble and even after washing stays soft.

The back of the bib is made of micro-fleece and this is where the protection for your baby's neck comes in because it repels moisture when your baby dribbles and this helps to prevent the dribble rash.

I was so impressed with how reasonably priced they are for such a high quality product.

I also received some of the larger bibs which are for children aged 3-10 and because they are so soft my baby likes to use these as a comforter to hold as he goes to sleep.

These bibs can be bought individually or you can buy a lovely gift pack which contains 3 bibs and comes in blue or pink gift packaging.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

a basket of bees / review / natural skincare / eczema

I received this generous selection of all natural products from this company.

Honey shower gel natural

This is the first time I have used a honey based shower gel and I thought it might have been a bit sticky for me but because they are made with plant oils the consistency is just right and perfect if you have eczema as it nourishes the skin without leaving it feel greasy. What I also found out from this companies website is that honey feeds the skin, encouraging cell growth, which helps with healing cuts and grazes, and keeps skin continually renewed. I had no adverse reaction, itchiness or redness.There is also a shampoo available in this range.

Foot cream

This was a new product for this company and it didn't disappoint. I don't really use cream on my feet as I don't like the greasy texture of most foot creams but I was impressed at how quickly this one absorbed into the skin.

Hand cream

I have to be very careful with hand creams as I have eczema on my hands and I cant use anything with added chemicals so this cream was perfect for me as it is all natural and I had no reaction itchiness or redness.

Guest soap chamomile

I have to be careful with soaps as well because of my eczema but like the hand cream this soap is completely natural and also the chamomile is very calming to the skin. Again I had no adverse reaction no itchiness or redness.

Strawberry lip balm and cool mint lip balm

These contain sunflower oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 to strengthen skin, Coco Butter which moisturises the lips, and Beeswax which helps with healing. My five year old daughter and I loved these lip balms and I was happy for her to use them as they have no added nasties.

They also do a lovely gift bag which is just £2 and this makes a nice extra touch as you can put together the products of your choice.

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Monday, 6 June 2016

humblestuff natural cleaning review / handmade / eczema

This is an area that I have been doing a lot of research into lately as the cleaners I've been using have been irritating the eczema on my hands because of the harsh chemicals.
The two humblestuff products that I'm reviewing are handmade and contain no chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances.
Lemon myrtle multi surface spray
The ingredients list is limited to Aqua, Organic Castile Soap and Essential Oils.
This can be used all around the house, for example in the bathroom or kitchen, so its a really versatile product.
The scent is very uplifting and leaves the room with a lovely freshly cleaned aroma. There are other fragrances available or even a fragrance free one.
Even though this is a gentle spray I found it very effective at removing dirt and even grease.
I had no adverse reaction to this product no itchiness or redness.
Soft cleaning paste peppermint
This is a type of product that I haven't used before so I was interested to see how I got on with it.
I really loved the scent of this product.
All you need is one teaspoon of paste to 500ml of water.

I found it really good for cleaning the outside of the kettle and oven and things like that.

Again, I had no adverse reaction to this product no itchiness or redness.

And finally a positive for both products is that they come in 100% recyclable packaging. 

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

sabai soaps review / natural skin care / handmade / organic / eczema

 I was very happy to receive this mangosteen soap bar from Sabai Soaps to try as I am always on the look out for new products that are natural for me and my family.
I didn't know much about mangosteen before receiving this product so I did a bit of research and there are actually a lot of benefits for your skin from using mangosteen. The two that really stood out were anti-aging as it is rich in antioxidants and also acne relief because of its antibacterial properties.
The Thai print packaging of the soap is really eye catching as you open up this product.
The scent is really unique and sweet-smelling and it lasts for quite a while. The nearest smell that is similar to it is probably strawberry. 
I was impressed with how well it lathered up with hardly any water and it didn't have any greasy residue.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness or redness and I found the texture really soothing to my skin, especially on my hands where I suffer from eczema.
And of course, the factor I always look out for, this soap contains no harsh chemicals and is 100% organic.
At the moment this soap is on sale at the website above and they also do lovely gift sets.
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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

the clovelly soap company review / natural skin care / eczema

I received a package from this company with a selection of their natural products to try.
Coffee and lime soap
I thought that these two scents worked really well together.
I liked the fact that the little grounds of coffee are a gentle natural exfoliator.
All of the soaps are made by hand and they use the traditional cold process method. I was impressed to note that this company only uses Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.
I also love the packaging of these they would be ideal as gifts.
Nourishing skin balm grapefruit and neroli
This was a great product for me as I suffer with eczema on my hands and I can't use normal moisturizers and creams as they irritate my skin.
This contains enough moisture to stop my hands from getting dry but not too much to make them feel sticky or oily.
It has a nice natural scent that is not overpowering.
Bath bomb
I was really impressed with this. It dissolved fully in the water and it had a lovely fresh citrus fragrance.
What I also like about the bath bombs is that there is just a sprinkling of petals because in products like this there are sometimes too many and this makes it hard to clean out the bath.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness or redness to any of the products.
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

dri-pak review / soap flakes / natural cleaning and laundry products / eczema

I was sent liquid soap flakes by this company to try.
The main reason for my trial of this product is that I have eczema on my hands that flares up when using products that have unnatural ingredients and chemicals in them.
Usually when using these products I have to wear gloves to stop my hands from coming into contact with it but because this product is natural I didn't have this problem.
Even when I did get some of the product on my hands I had no itchiness or redness.
Though it is a gentler product it still cleans really well and leaves clothes with a nice fresh smelling scent and leaves no residue. 
Another great feature of this product is that it is suitable when washing waterproof items.
The above website has more products available and also has some fantastic natural cleaning tips.
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Monday, 21 March 2016

my trusty skincare / review / natural / eczema

I came across this website when doing a search for natural skin care as my daughter and I have eczema and I also have a 6 month old baby so of course I need something for him that is for sensitive skin. I was telephoned by a lady named Lauren to discuss my needs and was sent samples in the post to trial and see how I got on.

I was sent a full size sample of the sunflower cream unscented and then a small sample size lavender scented sunflower cream, body butter and face and body oil.
Sunflower cream unscented and lavender
I was very impressed with the unscented cream. I even used this on my caesarean scar as it helps to relieve tightness in the skin when the body is repairing itself. This is the first cream I have ever used on my scar as I'm a bit apprehensive because my skin is so sensitive, but I had no problems and was very pleased with the results. The lavender cream I was also very pleased with as I liked the scent of it and because it was still a natural scent it didn't irritate my skin.
Body butter
This is a fantastically versatile product and can even be used on chapped lips,which I tried, and found it to be very moisturising. It also absorbs very quickly into the skin.
Face and body oil
This was also a great product and I found it worked very well on my babies skin as he gets very dry skin on his head under his hair and when I use some of the thicker oils that are on the market it makes his hair really greasy even when I wash it out but this oil didn't do that.

Please see the website above for more information on these truly effective skin care products.

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The products were developed as a direct solution to painful itchy skin experienced by patients attending the Tissue Support Clinic in the Plastics Surgery and Burns Unit of Salisbury District Hospital and all profits go straight back into patient care which I think is brilliant!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

indulge naturally / skincare review / body scrub / baby bum balm / natural

I received 4 products from this companies line of natural skincare to try. The first thing I noted is the great customer service as they were very helpful and prompt with their replies to my questions.
Rose sugar body scrub
This is such a simple and yet effective product. As an exfoliator it really does the job and made my skin feel so soft after use.
Usually when I try to use exfoliating products they irritate my skin, as its really sensitive, but the ingredients in this are limited to coconut oil, sucrose and rose petals, so no added nasties.
 The little rose petals are a lovely addition giving a fresh scent and they also make it look really pretty.

Pumpkin spice soap
This soap lathers well and does not have an oily residue. 
I really liked the scent and it lasted well without being too overpowering.
Again,like the body scrub, the ingredients were all natural and so I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness.

Winter balm
This is great for the winter months when its colder and your skin gets dry quicker, but for people like me with cracked skin on their hands this is a handy product to use all year round.
Its much better than using a moisturiser because I tend to find moisturisers make my skin feel greasy afterwards. This gave enough moisture for my skin not to feel dry but not too much to aggravate my eczema.
It also gives a protective layer for your skin.

Baby bum balm
I have tried quite a few similar products to this over the years and this was one of the best because the consistency was perfect for application.
It has a lovely coconut scent which is really nice.
This is a good thing to use even before nappy rash occurs as a barrier to help keep the skin hydrated. But when I first started using this product my son already had a bit of nappy rash so I used it at that point to help to clear it up.
Please see the link above for more 100% natural products from this company.
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On Facebook they are currently running a competition to win a hamper of their products worth £26!

Monday, 29 February 2016

sugar and crumbs / natural flavoured icing sugar and nifty nozzle review

I have received some really innovative products from this company to try out.
Natural flavoured icing sugar strawberry milkshake flavour
The first thing to comment on is the lovely aroma when you open the packaging, it really does smell like strawberry milkshake.
The original colour is white which means you're able to add any colouring you choose and so we chose red to make a nice bright pink colour.
Very simple to use, just add butter and a bit of milk for the right consistency.
You can also add plain icing sugar as well to get a hint of flavour but I used the full amount which gives a tasty flavour which both my children and myself really enjoyed and because the flavourings are natural I was happier with my children eating it.
 I was also impressed that this product is gluten, nut, dairy and lactose free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Usually these types of products are very expensive but I thought this was quite reasonably price especially for the amount you get.

Nifty nozzle petal rose


I also received a nifty nozzle which is such a clever design and enables you to make individual rose flowers.
I am not very creative myself so this nozzle was great for me as its so simple to use and yet the end result looks like they have taken ages to do.
I really enjoyed making these with my five year old daughter, we had a lot of fun.
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Sunday, 21 February 2016

salt of the earth pure aura crystal spring / review / natural deodorant /

I was interested to try this new natural deodorant sent to me by crystal spring.
Free from:
Aluminium chlorohydrate
This is the first time I have tried a natural deodorant and I was a little worried that it wouldn't last as long as its chemical counterparts but I was very much mistaken, the scent lasted a long time and also dried really quickly which impressed me.
Its made with organic aloe Vera and so it is great if you have sensitive skin under your arms, which I do, and some sprays I've tried really sting but this one didn't.
I'm not always keen on lavender scents but with the vanilla it becomes a really lovely light fresh scent

As it is natural I allowed my five year old daughter to try it and she loved it and she also loved the bottle it comes in because its pink!
It is a pump spray (non aerosol) which I much prefer because you get more control when spraying and also it tends to last longer as well.
Please see the website above for similar items in this great range. They even do a foot deodorant!
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Thursday, 18 February 2016

splat oral care / trial / natural toothpaste

The very generous people at splat oral care have sent me this lovely selection of their fantastic natural toothpastes!

Can't wait to try, review to follow shortly. My mini bloggers have already bagged their favourites!


Monday, 15 February 2016

Aura Print Impakt Colour Core Business Cards / Review

On the blog today I am reviewing the company Aura Print.

Review of 250 impakt colour core business cards from Aura Print
These were actually designed by the company, we just gave them a rough idea of what we wanted. We could also send them any artwork to be included.
They sent us a rough copy through email for us to approve and then they went to print. I thought this was a nice touch as it meant that we were a part of the design process rather than with other business cards where it just gets done on an automated site,this was the personal touch we needed.
I was kept up to date every step of the way and was even able to track my order through DPD.
We have ordered from many printing businesses over the years and I can honestly say this was the most helpful and most professional I have worked with.
My husband has already handed a good number out and people have been very impressed. One person even tried to hand him one back because he thought he had been given two, they're that thick!
A great feature of the site itself is that you earn Aura Points with the purchases and you can spend these points when you buy on the website giving you a discount on the overall cost.
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I highly recommend them as they will enhance the look of your business and give it that professional edge.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

the neem team / neem toothpaste / review / natural teeth and gum care

This is the third review of this company I have done on my blog of products containing neem extracts which is such a versatile ingredient.
I actually requested this product specially as I haven't tested any natural toothpastes in the past and so it caught my attention.
Julie at the neem team was very helpful and sent me information regarding the product via email and the product was dispatched soon after my enquiry.
Neem toothpaste
The catchphrase on the box is "if you want your teeth to gleam then brush with neem" and I found this to be true as it had a subtle whitening effect.
It contains peppermint and spearmint oil which gives a refreshing taste and it doesn't have a nasty aftertaste.
I have sensitive teeth and I found that this product was good for that and my gums didn't bleed after use.
This is a very natural product and contains no artificial colours or flavours and is fluoride, paraben, sulfate and gluten free so great for all the family to use.
Please see the above website for other similar products in this range.
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moor natural selection / review / natural skin care / natural hair care

What the company claims
The secret ingredient in all the Moor Natural Selection™ range is the moor water. The Moor is natural; it is a living substance full of the natural elements made by Mother Nature. The moor water is taken from the top layer of the only therapeutic lowland moors in the world which are found in Europe. ‘It is not an inert substance, it is life itself.' It is from this rich natural resource that we produce our comprehensive range of professional spa products for body and facial treatments for salons and in the home.

Purifying shampoo and radiance conditioner
My hair felt fresh and clean after using these products. Conditioners tend to make my hair greasy but that was not the case with this product.
I have very dry skin on my scalp particularly at the front of my head and I found that the shampoo helped to soften the skin of my scalp which is something that the product claims.
Because there are no added nasties I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness or redness. If a product contains chemicals I tend to know straight away because I get a rash on my neck behind my ears as I have really sensitive skin there.

Stabilising cleanser and stimulating toner
These products were for people with oily skin.
I was impressed with the fact that even though this was a very gentle cleanser it cleansed really deeply and brought up quite a lot of dirt and oil from the pores.
The toner left the skin with a very slight, refreshing tingling feeling.
 I also liked the fact that the toner was in a spray bottle.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness to both products.
Mattifying moisturiser
First positive to note is the protective seal under the lid. I always look for this addition with this kind of product.
This has a nice light citrus scent to it.
Goes on easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness.



Refining facial mask
Again like the moisturizer this product has the protective seal under the lid.
With the first few times you just leave it on for 1-2 minutes then after a few uses you can leave it on for up to 5 minutes.
As the mask goes on it gives a pleasant cooling sensation which is really refreshing.
This mask left my skin feeling lovely and smooth.
Face masks tend to dry out my skin but this one doesn't because you take it off before it dries up.
Another positive is that it is very simple and easy to wash off.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness to the product.
Please see the website above for more products in this fantastic range.