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Monday, 15 February 2016

Aura Print Impakt Colour Core Business Cards / Review

On the blog today I am reviewing the company Aura Print.

Review of 250 impakt colour core business cards from Aura Print
These were actually designed by the company, we just gave them a rough idea of what we wanted. We could also send them any artwork to be included.
They sent us a rough copy through email for us to approve and then they went to print. I thought this was a nice touch as it meant that we were a part of the design process rather than with other business cards where it just gets done on an automated site,this was the personal touch we needed.
I was kept up to date every step of the way and was even able to track my order through DPD.
We have ordered from many printing businesses over the years and I can honestly say this was the most helpful and most professional I have worked with.
My husband has already handed a good number out and people have been very impressed. One person even tried to hand him one back because he thought he had been given two, they're that thick!
A great feature of the site itself is that you earn Aura Points with the purchases and you can spend these points when you buy on the website giving you a discount on the overall cost.
You can follow Aura Print on twitter here:
I highly recommend them as they will enhance the look of your business and give it that professional edge.

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  1. James from Aura Print here! Glad you’re super happy with the cards! If anyone wants some of their own, feel free to get in touch – or call 01484 429300 to speak to our sales team. Have a great day!