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Friday, 5 February 2016

b skincare / review / natural / face scrub / lip rescue

I received these two full sized samples to review from this company

What the company claims
"The creams are handmade each week, so you will not get something that has been sitting on a shelf for ages. Handmade means a real person measures, pours, lids and labels the creams."
Face Scrub
Contains crushed walnut shells, citrus and evening primose.
I was very impressed at the fact that the scrub part of this product was natural walnut shells instead of the microbeads that are used sometimes, which are very harmful to the environment.
My skin is very sensitive on my face and so it tends to react to products like these and gets red and tingly very quickly but this product did not have any adverse effects for me and it left my skin feeling really refreshed.
The smell of evening primrose can sometimes be overpowering but in this case the citrus works really well with it to combat that.
Lip Rescue
The packaging of this product says first aid for sore lips and this is definitely true in this case.
It does not contain any chemicals so the scent is very light and natural.
It isn't sticky when it goes on so you aren't licking it off your lips for ages, it absorbs really well.
Please see the website above for other products in this range which even includes muscle and joint creams and arnica salve for bruises.
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