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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

valley mill soaps / review / natural skin care

I was very pleased to receive a selection of soaps to review from this company

  What the company claims
Using only the finest natural oils to produce their range of luxury soap

No artificial colours, preservatives or additives. Paraben free. SLS free. No animal products. Very gentle.
The first thing straight away that I love about these bars is that they are 100% natural.
My favourite bar was the orange and cinnamon and to give an example of how natural these bars really are the ingredients are limited to:
Olive, palm, castor and coconut oil, shea butter, orange, cinnamon and paprika.
The orange and cinnamon scents go really well together and the soaps are not perfumed and so do not aggravate my eczema.
Another point that impressed me is that to get the beautiful colours that they produce they use natural herbs.
I had no adverse reaction, itchiness or redness.
Please see the website above for more information and also on the website you can personalise your product and create great gifts for weddings etc.
You can also follow this company on Twitter here
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