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Monday, 13 July 2015

trishs honey products sample / review / natural skin care / eczema / dry skin

I received some great natural skin products from this company

Olive oil honey and Shea butter body balm and sweet almond oil honey and Shea butter body balm
These types of body balms are great for people who experience problems with eczema, like me, or even very dry skin because they give the skin moisture but don't contain the harsh chemicals found in other non-natural products and they aren't as greasy as a moisturiser.
They are absorbed well into the skin and I had no itchiness or redness.
I like the smell of both as they have a lovely light fragrance but the almond oil one is particularly refreshing.

Natural hand cream with beeswax olive oil coconut oil and vitamin e.
This has a thinner consistency than the others and I wondered at first if it wouldn't absorb as well into the skin but I was not disappointed it worked well and did not leave a greasy residue
Again I had no reaction itchiness or redness and my skin felt really smooth after use.
I also like the fact that this hand cream contains vitamin e which is something I look for.

Intensive hand and body butter
This was my favourite product that I tried. My particular problem area with my eczema is my hands and so this product came in very useful for me.
Its a bit thicker than the hand cream and like all the other products it absorbs well into the skin.
I also found that if I applied this in the morning I did not need to apply it again that day as I find with most hand products which was definitely a bonus for me.

Lip balm with honey beeswax olive oil coconut oil vitamin e
A nice light lip balm with neutral colour so can be worn under lipstick as a base or on top to give a nice sheen.
Absorbs well into the lips keeping them nicely moisturised but not sticky.
Please see the website above for more natural honey based products