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Monday, 19 October 2015

motherlylove / product review / natural / pregnancy / massage oils

I have received these three products to try from this company. Straight away I was impressed with the packaging of these products.


Stretch mark massage oil
As I have already been pregnant several times before I do already have stretch marks but I did find that with this oil it did help to ease the itchiness that you get when your skin stretches so I would recommend this even if you already have stretch marks to limit the itchiness and keep your skin supple.
My skin is very sensitive as I have eczema so I have to be careful with oils like this that I don't have a reaction but I had no redness or any reaction to this product.
I also really liked the smell of this as the lime stood out and was very pleasant which was a big plus because stretch mark oils usually smell quite strong.
Due date pulse point oil
This was a product that I've not really used before but I thought it was actually quite nice and refreshing and I have used it even after being pregnant.
It has a dominant scent of grapefruit which is very pleasant and not overpowering.
Soothing massage oil for feet
I was very impressed with this oil as I have tried quite a few different oils for my feet and the biggest problem I had was that my feet felt very slippery afterwards. I didn't have that problem with this oil as it seemed a little bit thicker and also absorbed very well into the skin and was quick drying.
This also has a light refreshing scent, this time of peppermint.
So overall I was very impressed with each of these products and would recommend to anyone who is pregnant but also to use after pregnancy.
What I also like about these products is all the carrier oils (vegetable) and essential oils are chosen for their nearest to nature quality.
Please see the website above for similar products and there is also some great tips and advice on there too.