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Saturday, 21 February 2015

clean and natural cosmetics / organic / pure and natural / eczema treatment

I was very happy to receive products to try from this company as me and my daughter have eczema so we have to be careful what we use on our skin.
I received the following products:

Cocoa Butter

Coco Shea

Shea Butter
Review of Cocoa Butter, Coco Shea and Shea butter
These first three products have been of great use to me because they can be used all over the body and they keep it nourished and moisturised so the skin does not dry out.
Especially on my hands I need a product like this because I found the creams from the doctors are very harsh and they make the redness flare up and my skin cracks.
I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of these products as the ones I get from the doctor have a horrible smell and I was told by the owner of this company that this is because they are petroleum based.
She said her products contain no petroleum or synthetic ingredients, preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, colours.

Bath Crumble
This is a lovely smelling product that actually makes your body smell like crumble!
I bathed with this and afterwards my skin felt amazingly soft and supple.
I had absolutely no adverse reaction no redness or itchiness.
Nutrient Rich Serum
This is a really versatile product as it can be used on the skin and on the hair.
I used it on my hair as it is really dry because I dye it and I was very pleased with the results.
My hair was shiny and felt nourished but was not greasy which I usually find with products like this.
 So again a really impressive product from this company.
I have chosen this company as my December/January favourite out of all the products I received in the month of December/January, as I was impressed not only with the innovative products that work so well but also the helpfulness of the staff.