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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

review / kalinka / organic handmade natural skin care


Kalinka were generous enough to send me this selection of their organic handmade skin care range.
I was particularly impressed with the stylish packaging of these products.
Orange tonic water with aloe Vera
I have become a big fan of tonic waters recently and this one did not disappoint.
It was easily absorbed and had a nice light fragrance to it that was not overpowering. 
This product also contains rose water which, I was interested to learn, is antibacterial.
No adverse reaction redness or itchiness.

Repair lifting serum
I wasn't sure before I used this product if I would like it as my skin sometimes gets very greasy but it wasn't how I was expecting because it did help to hydrate my skin without making it feel more oily or greasy than usual.
It also helped to lessen the lines on my neck which I was pleasantly surprised about.
No adverse reaction no itchiness or redness.

Exfoliating cream with jojoba grains
This is my favourite product that I received from this company.
I get dry patches of skin around my nose and my eye lids and this helped to smooth those areas out but it was very gentle and non abrasive.
No adverse reaction itchiness or redness.

Light moisturiser
I used this cream in the morning or under my make up.
You only need a slight amount and it absorbs well into the skin.
No adverse reaction rediness or itchiness.

Eye brilliance replenishing cream
This cream contains aloe vera which gives a soothing feel to the skin around the eyes.
 I had no adverse reaction redness or swelling and my skin felt refreshed after just one use.
 I noticed after a few more uses it does make the  skin feel soft and supple.

Nourishing vitamin cream
This is a cream that is good to use at night as it can work deep into your skin while you are sleeping and while the skin is repairing itself.
Overnight my skin did not feel greasy and I had no adverse reaction no itchiness or redness.
I love the smell of this which I think is the peach kernel oil coming through.
You can follow Alley who is the founder of this fantastic skin care company on Facebook:
 To see what great organic handmade delight she will come up with next.