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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Beauty Expression | LA Skincare | natural | sensitive skin | review

This is another post in which I will be featuring products from this website which has a wide array of products that are natural and suitable for sensitive skin.

LA Skincare UK Professional Range 

I received this really handy travel size sample set which contains 6 products from the L.A Skincare range.

All of the skincare range contain no parabens, chemicals or artificial colours.

The products are not tested on animals.

I like the story behind this company as it was set up by a lady who wanted to provide the people in her salon with creams that would really work and wouldn't contain all the nasty chemicals that are in so many products to preserve the shelf life.

The first 3 tubes were:

Squeaky Clean Exfoliating Cleanser

I really like the fact that this lathers but does not leave your skin feeling greasy afterwards. 

I felt like I could use this product just on its own a few times a week as it gave such a thorough cleanse.

Plump Me Up Lifting Moisturiser Gel 

This was my favourite product. The main area you put it is around the eyes and it felt so cool and refreshing. 

I was so impressed with this product that it made its way into my every day make up bag.

Soft As Silk Serum

I don't use serums usually in my routine but I found this one worked great as a primer before I put on my foundation.

I really like the smell of this and I think its the combination of macadamia oil and rosehip oil that is dominant.

Then there were 3 pots of products:

Whipped Cream Moisturiser

This was such a nice, smooth cream and it absorbed really well into the skin.

I was really impressed that this cream is spf 30 so I was able to wear it before I put make up on and not worry about having to ruin my makeup with putting sun tan lotion on over the top.

Sweetie Sugar Scrub

I've really been enjoying sugar scrubs at the moment and this one did not disappoint. 

I like the consistency of it as the crystals were just big enough to exfoliate but not too big to be rough and irritate the skin.

Chocolate Delight Face Mask

This is an alternative to chemical peels as it contains natural ingredients so its much gentler on your skin. 

This had a lovely smell to it and you can tell that it is cocoa based. 

It says on the instructions to leave it on for 5 mins so I did a patch on my hand first and I had no itchiness or redness it just felt a little warm which is normal so I was then able to leave it on longer on my face.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

greenscents | natural cleaning products | spray and laundry liquid | eczema | sensitive skin

I am always on the lookout for natural cleaning products so when I found greenscents I was looking forward to trying what they had on offer.

We were sent 4 products by this company:

Citrus loo cleaner 
Herbal multi surface spray 
Nonscents laundry liquid 
Minty laundry conditioner

All these products are produced in small batches in Somerset using pure exmoor water.

I don't usually use a conditioner when I wash clothes as I have sensitive skin but because the ingredients are all natural I decided to give it a go.

I was really impressed with the results of the two liquids combined. The clothes came out really soft but without the residue that is sometimes left with conditioners that irritates the skin.

Also the bottles last a bit longer because they are concentrated. The conditioner in particular lasted well as you only have to use a small amount.

The citrus loo cleaner had a nice orange scent to it that lasted quite a while even when the toilet was flushed which I was really impressed with. 

The multi spray was really good for cleaning things such as the oven as it got rid of grease really well. I really like the scent to it, it has peppermint and rosemary oil which go really well together and its a nice smell to have in the kitchen as it isn't overpowering when you are preparing food.

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All of greenscents products are suitable for vegans and they have even been nominated for an award at vegfest2017 and you can vote for them here:

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rawr chocolate bars | organic | dairy free | gluten free | vegan | vegetarian

This is a company that make raw chocolate bars that are a great substitute if you are allergic to or would rather not consume milk, gluten or wheat. 

Or if, like me, you want to have the taste of chocolate without all the added nasties.

I was sent 6 bars from the range to sample. The flavours were:

Organic Chocolate
Organic Dark Chocolate
fOrganic Mint flavour
Organic Orange flavour
Organic Goji berries with vanilla
Organic Lucuma Cacao

Each of the bars are organic, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, vegetarian and vegan.

My little boy who is just 18 months absolutely loved them and it was nice to be giving him a healthier alternative to chocolate.

There was no bitter aftertaste to any of the flavours and it really felt like you were eating something that was a treat.

My favourite was the goji berries with vanilla one as I thought this was an interesting new taste and I hadn't heard of goji berries before.

I was impressed with the fact that the foil and kraft paper of the packaging is fully recyclable.

I was also impressed with the price of these as they are very reasonable for the size of bar you receive.

They also do a love collection which is 4 of the bars wrapped in a lovely ribbon with a gift card which is a great idea for a gift.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

guiltless skin natural skincare product review eczema

This is a company that ticks all the boxes for me and my family when it comes to natural skin care.
Guiltless Skin products are handmade in small batches from a small workshop in Essex, England. 
I like the fact that they only make as much as their customers demand which means they don’t compromise the purity of ingredients that have a limited shelf life.
I received three products from guiltless skin. These were:
Organic jojoba soap
Dash of Citrus soap
Organic hemp and shea whipped butter.
A big positive for me is that this company uses all natural products and they don't use any alcohol, sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial colours or fragrances. The reason this is so important to me is because I have very sensitive skin especially on my hands.
Out of the soaps I think the one with jojoba was more suited to my skin on my hands as I have eczema and as it was unscented I wasn't worried about my eczema flaring up.
For the rest of my body that is not as sensitive I enjoyed using the dash of citrus one. I really liked the lime scent which is really refreshing and a bit different from the usual orange scent with citrus soaps.
Both soaps lather really well and they don't leave that greasy residue that you can sometimes get.
The shea butter was a perfect consistency and absorbed really well into my skin. It is even suitable to use on the lips as a moisturiser and I found if I put a little on in the morning then it lasted for quite a long time through the day.
I also used the shea butter as a barrier for my youngest son to prevent nappy rash and it worked really well.
I had no adverse reaction to any of the products no itchiness or redness and the shea butter actually had a positive effect on the eczema on my hands as it helped to moisturise them.
On their website at the moment they have a few offers on if you buy bundles. One that particularly stood out to me was the four handmade soaps for £10 which is really reasonable.
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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

beauty expression acquarella natural non-toxic nail polish brand new spring colours review

This is the 2nd post of 3 reviews of products from this website that are all natural in origin.
I received a nail polish from the brand Acquarella in one of the new spring colours in the shade poppet. There are over 70 great colours to choose from.
I wasn't aware that conventional nail polishes were originally derived from automotive paint in the early twentieth century which explains why polishes usually contain a lot of chemicals. On the other side of the scale this brand is completely non-toxic so it contains no petro-chemicals or nasty fumes and is actually water-based.
These polishes are not tested on animals and this is recognised by PETA.


I let my six year old girl have a little play with it because it is perfectly safe for even toddlers to use. It is even safe to use during pregnancy as there are no toxic fumes to deal with. My daughter actually noticed that it doesn't smell horrible like normal nail varnishes. 
This is with just one coat and no base coat or topper which I think is quite impressive. It dries to touch in just a few minutes and is dry for use after about 20 minutes.
My favourite thing with these nail varnishes is that if you do make a mistake it is so easy just to wipe off and start again.
So I would definitely recommend this brand primarily for its low toxic smell and also its quick drying time.

beauty expression natural sensitive skin eczema skincare review QMilk

This is the first of 3 blog posts I will be doing featuring products from this website which has a wide array of products that are natural and suitable for sensitive skin.

The first set of products I received was from the brand QMilk. This is a German skincare brand that is natural and handmade. I was very interested to see on their website that they even make clothes out of milk protein which is incredible.

I received a natural peeling cream and I really like the concept of this cream. It contains biopolymer beads from milk which cleanses old skin cells and protects the upper skin layer. The genuine rose petals wax protects the skin after peeling.

The beads dissolve without residue and don't clog the pores. You only have to put it on for 10-20 seconds and straight away after first use the skin feels deeply cleansed.

I have very sensitive skin especially on my face and I also have eczema so this was a perfect combination for my skin because it was exfoliating but did not irritate. I had no reaction to the cream, no itchiness or redness.

I also received a lip gloss and I really liked the consistency of it. It wasn't sticky and it absorbed really well and you can use it on its own or as a base layer or as a topcoat with a lipstick its so versatile.

Like the cream, the lip gloss contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients it is 100% natural. The products are not tested on animals and have been tested by medical practitioners and their patients.

So these products tick all the boxes for me and I highly recommend this skincare line.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

aloe 24-7 juice drink review / aloe gel review / natural / sensitive skin / eczema

This is along the same lines as my previous post that I did on birch water. Again I was looking for a drink to replace squashes and juices that didn't have lots of added sugar and I came across this company.
The three juices that I received were the original aloe juice flavour with nothing added and the other two had lemon, ginger and honey and cinnamon and honey added.
It has a sort of syrupy texture but is still thin enough to be refreshing when you drink it and this texture actually helps in lining the digestive tract.
Like with the birch water I did favour the ones that had flavour added. My favourite was the cinnamon one as this had a nice sweet flavour but not too overpowering.
They can also be added to fruit juices and smoothies to give that extra boost of vitamins and minerals.
They all have no added preservatives and yet it lasts for a year unopened after production and when opened in the fridge will last 7-8 days which I thought was quite impressive.
As well as the juices I also received a tube of aloe gel. This is a super combination of eight healing wonders which are aloe ferox gel, aloe ferox leaf extract, kalahari melon seed oil, rooibos, cape chamomile, lemongrass oil, sunflower seed oil and rosemary oil.
There are so many things that this gel can be used for but I found this particularly effective when used as an aftersun gel as it was really refreshing on the skin and I don't have any other products quite like this at the moment. 
I have eczema on my hands so I have to be really careful what I use on them. When I used this gel it was really soothing and it felt like it went really deep into my skin and left it feeling really moisturised and I had no reaction no itchiness or redness.
I also found it worked really well as a protective layer to prevent nappy rash and is suitable for a babys sensitive skin as it is all natural.
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Monday, 3 July 2017

treevitalise / natural birch water / vegan / organic



I received three flavours of birch water:
The packaging was lovely and very well presented.
This is a relatively new concept to me as I knew nothing about birch water until I found this company when looking for an alternative to drinks such as juices with added sugar.
What really appealed to me is that each small bottle contains no more than 10kcal.  
It is quite an interesting process that involves birch tapping. Only around 2% is taken from the trees during the harvest in March. They are then left to thrive through the seasons for the rest of the year.  
The infusion of mint or lemon is natural and nothing artificial is added.
The original flavour was okay and I would drink this because I knew it was good for me but I did prefer the ones that were flavoured.
The mint one was my favourite as I love peppermint tea and it was just like drinking this it was so refreshing.
These are also nice added to smoothies to get your nutrients that way. Vitamins and minerals found in birch sap include potassium, manganese, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, sodium, iron, amino acids and Vitamin C.
I also like the fact that they are manufactured in glass bottles because this keeps the drink chilled better when its in the fridge so its even more refreshing.
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Monday, 19 June 2017

write size / correct size pencils / ages 2 - 10+

I was sent a selection of this companies pencils to try out.
The sizes range from:
ages 2- 6
ages 6-10
ages 10+
The idea is that they are all made to scale to fit the childs hand which I think is brilliant. This seems a simple idea and yet it makes such a difference.
The website makes the point that you wouldn't give a small child a full sized guitar first to learn to play or a full sized football to a toddler so why give a full size pencil to a child who is just learning to write.
I have a little girl who is 5 and a boy who is 9 and funnily enough these were more ideal for my son as he struggles a bit more with holding his pencil so this for him was a real help and really did make a marked improvement. He also said that they didn't hurt his fingers this is probably because it was easier for him to hold it right so he was putting less pressure on his fingers.
I think the price is really good at just £3.99 for 5 pencils they are really affordable and as these pencils have high graphite content they have an increased durability so less sharpening and they last longer.
They even have colouring pencils coming soon which look great so watch this space!

What I also like about this company is that they are also involved in charity work. The daughter of the managing director went out to South Africa and donated some of these pencils to the local schools. In the future for all packs sold in the UK they will donate a percentage of pencils to help children in the developing world. So this shows for me that the company takes this very seriously and wants to make a difference.
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Monday, 5 June 2017

la chiva / natural fruit snacks / no added sugar / vegan

I was sent this assortment to try by lachiva snacks in their three flavours mango, pineapple and strawberry.
What first attracted me about these was that they have no added sugar because a lot of the fruit snacks you can get these days have a lot of unneeded sugar added which defeats the point of trying to eat healthily.
Particularly for my youngest who is 20 months old these are a great healthy snack instead of reaching for biscuits or crisps.
I was looking forward to trying them as these are three of my favourite fruits, particularly mango, and I was pleased that the flavour of the fruit was not lost in the drying process.
These are ideal to put on top of porridge or cereal for breakfast. They are also great to pop in your child's lunchbox for school and it is one of their five a day.
The eye catching packaging makes it fun and is also a good talking point because then other children ask what they are.
The mango and pineapple bags contain 39 calories and the strawberry bags just 23 calories.
These snacks are freeze-dried and I didn't know that freeze drying preserves all the goodness in the fruit so this was interesting to find out.
If you order 3 packets or more at the website above then you get free delivery which is great.
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Friday, 12 May 2017

ombar organic raw cacao chocolate review / natural / vegan / dairyfree / glutenfree

This company very kindly sent me four of their raw cacao bars for me and my family to try out.
Strawberry myth
Coco myth
Coconut 60%
Dark 72%
Each of the bars are vegan, dairyfree and glutenfree.
This is the first time we have tried anything like this as we don't have a dairy intolerance but the products really appealed to me because these bars use coconut sugars to sweeten which is a healthier alternative to cane sugar so I was happier with my children eating it, especially my littlest who is only 18 months old, because I knew it contained no hidden nasties.
This was a great selection to choose from as it had something for everyone and this is only a small selection of their range. They also do buttons as well which is a great idea if you have smaller children.
The children's favourite was the coco mylk bar and I think this was because it was the closest tasting to what they are used to in a normal chocolate bar.
My personal favourite was the strawberry one as this made such a lovely combination and just melted in the mouth.
If you want a bar with a bit more of a dark kick to it then the 72% one is a good one to go for.
My husbands favourite was the coconut one which he picked for himself as soon as he saw the choices and he was not disappointed and the bar did not last long!
I like the fact that these bars contain natural antioxidants. They are also a source of magnesium which contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue which I thought was really interesting.
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Monday, 1 May 2017

ecoegg hard surface cleanser / natural / qvc todays special value tsv

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a brand new product from ecoegg, the liquid hard surface cleaner.

The formula for the liquid cleaner is even gentler than the clay hard cleaners and so its ideal for cleaning delicate items.

Its so easy to use. All you do is wet the sponge, apply the liquid, rub the surface in circular motions, then use the microfibre cloths to clean away any residue from the surface.

I found it was perfect for mirrors and windows as the cloths give a streak free finish and it also polishes. I was also very impressed with how it cut through grease on the cooker and tough stains on the kitchen table.

I received the item in citrus burst which was a subtly refreshing fragrance not too overpowering. There are 3 other scents also available- orange, lavender and aloe Vera.

I have eczema on my hands so I have to be very careful with products that I use because they can irritate my skin. As this product is 100% natural and contains no harsh chemicals I had no adverse reaction and had no itchiness or redness after using.
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 Tuesday May 2nd 2017 everything you see on the review:
2 x 500ml Hard Surface Cleaners, 1 x 250ml liquid Hard Surface Cleaner, 4 x sponges, & 2 x microfiber cloths
Available for just £15.98 on QVC Todays Special Value Products at the link below!!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

pink and green skincare / organic / natural

I am always on the lookout for products to try that are 100% natural so I was very pleased to receive this pack which is known as the Organic Skincare Ritual Collection.
It contains an organic facial cleansing oil, an organic facial oil and an organic rose floral water spray.
A muslin cloth is also included.
The first thing I noticed straight away was the lovely way the products were packaged and the pretty labelling and attention to detail.
Organic facial cleansing oil
I have oily skin and it also sensitive so I need a product that is going to cleanse but not be harsh on the skin and irritate it so this cleansing oil was perfect for my skin. The ingredients are all natural with no hidden nasties so I had no reaction, itchiness or redness. I haven't used a cloth before with oils so this was a new experience for me and I wasnt disappointed.
Organic rose floral water
After the cleansing oil I then used the rose water as a toner. This is suitable for all skin types. I really like the smell of this as some floral waters that I've tried before have an overpowering smell but this is very subtle. This was my favourite product as it was so refreshing and made my skin feel really soft.
Organic facial oil sensitive skin
I received the facial oil for sensitive skin and I used this after I had used the cleanser and toner and it really finishes off the whole experience nicely. It absorbs really well into the skin and does not leave any greasy residue. As with the cleansing oil and rose water I had no reaction, no itchiness or redness.
Another thing to add that impressed me was that there were detailed instructions for each product which meant I was able to get the most out of them and use them in the correct way.
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