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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

moor natural selection / review / natural skin care / natural hair care

What the company claims
The secret ingredient in all the Moor Natural Selection™ range is the moor water. The Moor is natural; it is a living substance full of the natural elements made by Mother Nature. The moor water is taken from the top layer of the only therapeutic lowland moors in the world which are found in Europe. ‘It is not an inert substance, it is life itself.' It is from this rich natural resource that we produce our comprehensive range of professional spa products for body and facial treatments for salons and in the home.

Purifying shampoo and radiance conditioner
My hair felt fresh and clean after using these products. Conditioners tend to make my hair greasy but that was not the case with this product.
I have very dry skin on my scalp particularly at the front of my head and I found that the shampoo helped to soften the skin of my scalp which is something that the product claims.
Because there are no added nasties I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness or redness. If a product contains chemicals I tend to know straight away because I get a rash on my neck behind my ears as I have really sensitive skin there.

Stabilising cleanser and stimulating toner
These products were for people with oily skin.
I was impressed with the fact that even though this was a very gentle cleanser it cleansed really deeply and brought up quite a lot of dirt and oil from the pores.
The toner left the skin with a very slight, refreshing tingling feeling.
 I also liked the fact that the toner was in a spray bottle.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness to both products.
Mattifying moisturiser
First positive to note is the protective seal under the lid. I always look for this addition with this kind of product.
This has a nice light citrus scent to it.
Goes on easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness.



Refining facial mask
Again like the moisturizer this product has the protective seal under the lid.
With the first few times you just leave it on for 1-2 minutes then after a few uses you can leave it on for up to 5 minutes.
As the mask goes on it gives a pleasant cooling sensation which is really refreshing.
This mask left my skin feeling lovely and smooth.
Face masks tend to dry out my skin but this one doesn't because you take it off before it dries up.
Another positive is that it is very simple and easy to wash off.
I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness to the product.
Please see the website above for more products in this fantastic range.

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