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Monday, 21 March 2016

my trusty skincare / review / natural / eczema

I came across this website when doing a search for natural skin care as my daughter and I have eczema and I also have a 6 month old baby so of course I need something for him that is for sensitive skin. I was telephoned by a lady named Lauren to discuss my needs and was sent samples in the post to trial and see how I got on.

I was sent a full size sample of the sunflower cream unscented and then a small sample size lavender scented sunflower cream, body butter and face and body oil.
Sunflower cream unscented and lavender
I was very impressed with the unscented cream. I even used this on my caesarean scar as it helps to relieve tightness in the skin when the body is repairing itself. This is the first cream I have ever used on my scar as I'm a bit apprehensive because my skin is so sensitive, but I had no problems and was very pleased with the results. The lavender cream I was also very pleased with as I liked the scent of it and because it was still a natural scent it didn't irritate my skin.
Body butter
This is a fantastically versatile product and can even be used on chapped lips,which I tried, and found it to be very moisturising. It also absorbs very quickly into the skin.
Face and body oil
This was also a great product and I found it worked very well on my babies skin as he gets very dry skin on his head under his hair and when I use some of the thicker oils that are on the market it makes his hair really greasy even when I wash it out but this oil didn't do that.

Please see the website above for more information on these truly effective skin care products.

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The products were developed as a direct solution to painful itchy skin experienced by patients attending the Tissue Support Clinic in the Plastics Surgery and Burns Unit of Salisbury District Hospital and all profits go straight back into patient care which I think is brilliant!

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