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Sunday, 6 March 2016

indulge naturally / skincare review / body scrub / baby bum balm / natural

I received 4 products from this companies line of natural skincare to try. The first thing I noted is the great customer service as they were very helpful and prompt with their replies to my questions.
Rose sugar body scrub
This is such a simple and yet effective product. As an exfoliator it really does the job and made my skin feel so soft after use.
Usually when I try to use exfoliating products they irritate my skin, as its really sensitive, but the ingredients in this are limited to coconut oil, sucrose and rose petals, so no added nasties.
 The little rose petals are a lovely addition giving a fresh scent and they also make it look really pretty.

Pumpkin spice soap
This soap lathers well and does not have an oily residue. 
I really liked the scent and it lasted well without being too overpowering.
Again,like the body scrub, the ingredients were all natural and so I had no adverse reaction, no itchiness and no redness.

Winter balm
This is great for the winter months when its colder and your skin gets dry quicker, but for people like me with cracked skin on their hands this is a handy product to use all year round.
Its much better than using a moisturiser because I tend to find moisturisers make my skin feel greasy afterwards. This gave enough moisture for my skin not to feel dry but not too much to aggravate my eczema.
It also gives a protective layer for your skin.

Baby bum balm
I have tried quite a few similar products to this over the years and this was one of the best because the consistency was perfect for application.
It has a lovely coconut scent which is really nice.
This is a good thing to use even before nappy rash occurs as a barrier to help keep the skin hydrated. But when I first started using this product my son already had a bit of nappy rash so I used it at that point to help to clear it up.
Please see the link above for more 100% natural products from this company.
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