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Friday, 17 October 2014

yumm naturally / natural soap / psoriasis / eczema / dermatitis / muscular aches and pains / insomnia / sinus trouble / congestion / stress

This company will be sending me a sample of their natural soap.
A little about them from their website:

My name is Nadine Stephenson and I am a fully qualified complementary therapist and manufacturer of natural skincare body essentials. I am lucky enough to be living and working in a beautiful rural Perthshire village with my partner and family, where we enjoy the simple things that life has to offer.
After studying and achieving my Diplomas, in Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage Therapy and Anatomy & Physiology in 2009 I would often dabble in making my own natural skincare products, and incorporated many of them into my therapies. When the demand increased for hand creams and face masks, I realised that my 'hobby' was going to become a very important part of my everyday life.
Friends and family were having none of this "just a hobby", malarkey and encouraged me to take it further, as they were experiencing some amazing results with my custom blended products. Custom blended for their needs and conditions, including; psoriasis/ eczema/dermatitis/ muscular aches and pains/ insomnia/sinus trouble/congestion and stress.
And, after much research, testing and developing, my product range was growing fast.
I introduced Soap making in October 2010, and it was then that I had my products certified by a Chartered Chemist. I was delighted when he reported back to me that my products were, 'right up there', with the industry professionals, and it was that huge vote of confidence that pushed me forward. I received my certificates shortly after, which indicated that my products were all fully in accordance with EU and UK directives for natural cosmetics.

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