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Friday, 10 October 2014

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Today I received the two samples of the neem oil products which was very fast seeing that I only asked for them yesterday so already 10/10 for customer service! On first glance I have to say I am very impressed with the packaging and on the side it has each of the ingredients. The neem soft wash has a lavender scent which I am looking forward to using with my daughter as it has a calming fragrance and will be nice when she has a bath before bed. The neem and coconut cream smells lovely I cannot wait to use this. I shall use these products on me and my daughter over the next two weeks and then I will do a review at the end. But for my initial thoughts I am very pleased with what I can see so far.

A quote from the information leaflet I also received:

Cold pressed from the seeds of the indian neem tree, neem oil has a 4,000 year history of traditional use. Modern science has identified more than 200 compounds within neem oil. The neem tree converts more CO2 to oxygen than any other tree on the planet.

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