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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

moogoo / samples / sensitive skin care / natural / shampoo conditioner / eczema / psoriasis / scalp problems

I have received full size samples from this company of their shampoo and conditioner:


A note from their website:

Here at MooGoo, we know that when it comes to your skin, the steaks are high. So, we hope you don’t mind us bragging about the fact that we’re an Australian company with an entire range of natural and safe products that are made with effective ingredients designed for people with skin and scalp problems
MooGoo came about when the head of our herd thought it was unusual that his mother was using a product made for cows to heal her skin condition. This udder cream was designed to heal cows udders and keep them in prime condition for milking, whilst being full of skin repair ingredients. However it was very thick to apply. So he set about to make this cow cream fit for human consumption and much lighter and non-greasy.
We have now moved on to greener pastures, expanding our range of skin products to help with a multitude of skin and scalp problems. However, we have kept the same philosophy about our products. That is using the full strength of healing products and not using any ingredients that we have a beef with, such as petroleum or chemical based ingredients. MooGoo has a skim-free policy when it comes to listing our ingredients, we tell you about everything, not just the pretty sounding and “active” ones.Our therapeutic products are simply natural products designed for the symptomatic relief of Eczema and Psoriasis and sensitive skin. All MooGoo’s products are designed to keep the skin moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients.

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