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Sunday, 12 October 2014

rossi skincare / natural / sensitve skin / pure ingredients / clean oceans project

This company will be sending me samples

A bit about them from their website:


Purity is the essence of Rossi. Nearly all ‘natural’ products contain man-made parabens or chemicals - it’s our honesty and dedication to using 100% natural ingredients that makes Rossi different.
Even some natural ingredients when highly processed can lose their true value which is why we only use high quality unprocessed oils and waters.

Natural doesn’t mean less effective. We carefully balance the strength of nature with our gentle formulas to produce luxurious products that really perform.Looking healthier and feeling at your very best doesn’t need to be complicated. Our active botanicals balance with your body to give you softer, smoother and more beautiful skin.

Our unique formulas combine the ancient wisdom of nature with advanced techniques to create skincare that helps you look and feel your best. We’re passionate about pure skincare and for almost a decade the Rossi team have been dedicated to researching and sourcing the very best natural ingredients.

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