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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

zaza & cruz / review / lip polish / make up / cosmetics / skin care / anti ageing

Product description

It is in the shade pink bubblegum and the description says that it is highly moisturising and will help keep lips from being dry and flaky.


I have never used one of these lip polishes before but this is something I would definitely use again. After just one use my lips felt really moisturised and smooth.

It was absorbed really easily so I wasnt left with stuff on my lips that I had to get off. You only need a very tiny amount.

I had no reaction redness or itchiness on or around my lips

The product smells really nice and even has a nice sugary taste not that I would recommend to eat it!

I also like the fact that this is made with natural ingredients because my skin is quite sensitive so it always responds better to natural products.

So be sure to see the website above for other similar products from this company.

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