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Friday, 7 November 2014

natures-kin / review / skin care / natural

Coconut and lime foot cream

Product description

A light whipped foot cream with softening sweet almond oil, nourishing safflower oil, vitamin E, olive oil , shea and cocoa butters to  moisturise, nourish and protect and also to stop the skin from drying out.
Scented with the exotic fragrance of real coconut (natural ecocert aroma), and refreshing lime essential oil.


This is a soothing foot cream which has a lovely unusual smell of the coconut and lime mixing together which is great because peppermint all the time can get a bit boring.

I had no adverse reaction itchiness or redness.

What I also found was that my skin stayed soft for quite a while after I used this product which was good because when I use things like baby oil on my feet to try and give them moisture they get dry again really quickly.

Grapefruit and chamomile nourishing skin balm

Product Description

A  facial moisturiser  to nourish and soothe all skin types including those that are sensitive and irritated , with cold pressed avocado oil which contains vitamins B5, D and E and gives lustre to tired skin, apricot kernal oil to soften and smooth, Panthenol to moisturise and strengthen cells, Evening primrose extract – contains 9% GLA and is a good source of omega 3 & 6, uplifting grapefruit essential oil and chamomile essential oil to calm sensitive skin. 


As I have sensitive skin on my face this was a good cream for me as I get a lot of dry patches especially when I wake up in the morning.

No adverse reactions to this skin itchiness or red patches.

Again an intriguing fragrance that works well and I like that it contains omega 3 and 6 as well from the evening primrose oil.

Aloe vera cream

Product Description

A light moisturising cream which can be used on the face and body, it contains soothing aloe vera , coldpressed avocado oil to nourish and feed the skin, protective shea butter,  rice bran oil for its softening properties and virgin olive oil to moisturise.
This cream is unscented and comes in a 90ml airless vacuum pump container which is hygienic to use and ensures that all the cream is pumped out.


I thought this was a great product. I first used it on my face when I was doing my eyebrows as I thought it may soften the redness you get after.

Then I used it all over my face and it was easily absorbed left no greasy residue and my skin felt really soft and dewy.

I have to be careful what I use on my face because of my sensitive skin but I have used this quite a few times now and it has been really good for my skin.

I also used it on my body as is it suitable for face and body and again I had no adverse reactions no itchiness or redness.

This is a product I would definitely recommend to people with sensitive skin.

Another great thing about all the products by this company is that they contain natural ingredients and no sls.

A little about this company from their website:

Natural skincare

I started using natural skincare products  when I became aware of the benefits of natural products; I had developed an irritated scalp which disappeared after using a natural shampoo so I started looking at what was in the products I was using.  After reading an article about using certain vegetable oils to help skin conditions in my massage magazine, I attended courses in natural skincare with Aromantic, (part of the Findhorn Foundation) and started making products for my clients. I got so involved and fascinated that I went on to making them for the general public.   Each product is carefully made with the best natural ingredients for the purpose for which it is intended.

Natural skincare contains vegetable oils and ingredients from natural sources which are easily absorbed by the skin and nurture it; they contain Fatty Acids, vitamins and minerals which stimulate the skin to function better and become healthy and vital.Natural products feed the skin many of the nutrients it needs and do not block the pores, leaving your skin glowing with health. Natural skincare works with the skin,allowing it to breathe and secrete normally. By using different vegetable based oils and active ingredients, skincare products can be made to suit different types of skin.When you consider that the skin is the largest organ in the body it is important what we put on it Many of the chemicals that are used generally in skincare are cheap to produce and appear to give good results, but do not benefit the skin in any way and may be detrimental to it. Two of the most commonly found chemicals are mineral oils and sodium laureth sulphate:  

Mineral Oils :  

Non natural skincare ( and also some natural skincare ) often contains mineral oils (paraffin and vaseline) which soften and protect the skin in the short term by forming a layer on the surface of the skin. However by doing this they may block the pores; this prevents normal functioning of the skin and used for a long time makes the skin dry, lifeless and reliant on the oils. Mineral oils may also enlarge pores allowing blackheads to form.  

Sodium Laureth Sulphate:  

This is a commonly used ingredient in skincare and an efficient cleanser. However it is a very aggressive detergent and its degreasing power is too strong to be used in skincare although it makes very good washing up liquid. Long term use of SLS in skincare, especially shower gels and shampoos, may cause dry, itchy skin and flaky patches

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