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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

aroma natural cosmetics / review / ladys joy / rose joghurt / skin care / rose oil

I received these three samples from this company and my reviews are below:

Active ingredients: rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, squalene, rosehip oil and Hygroplex HHG
Special formula for the delicate eye area. With participation of precious ingredients, the cream fights with the first signs of skin aging. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduces the depth of wrinkles around eyes, soothes and hydrates skin.


I have to be careful with anything I use around the eye area as my skin is quite sensitive.

I had no adverse reaction to this cream no redness or itchy patches.

My skin felt refreshed after I used it and it got rid of the dryness on my eye lids.

My skin also smelt lovely with the rose scent.

Active ingredients: organic rose oil, organic rose water, black pearl extract, ceramides, sphyngosines.

Light cream improving the level of hydration with a rapid-acting effect which lasts for 24 hours. Refreshes instantaneously and retains water in cells. Skin remains fresh, soft and supple. Forms a lipid barrier on the outer layer of the epidermis and increases skin resilience against aggressions. Parabens free.


This is a lovely luxurious cream which absorbs well into the skin.

I like the fact that its a long lasting hydration cream because my skin drys quickly throughout the day and its nice not to have to keep applying moisturiser.
I also like the fact that this cream contains no parabens.

Ingredients: natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, lactobacillus bulgaricus, argan oil, squalene. Soothing face cream with rose oil and yoghurt.
I used this alongside the milk concentrate cream and like with that cream I had no adverse reaction no itchiness or redness.
This is especially good to use when you wake up in the morning if you have any red areas on your skin.
And with this cream the rose smell is beautifully refreshing.
Please see the website above for more natural products.

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