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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

review / balance / face cream / eye cream / natural world / treatment hair oil

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Balance Active Formula 8-in-1 Benefits Face Cream helps to reveal younger looking skin. Balance Active Formula 8-in-1 Benefits Face Cream contains active levels of Algisium C2®, as well as Syn®-Ake a snake venon-like peptide and skin brightening Illumscin to help deliver 8 skin care benefits in just one easy step, these being to; help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, give a firmer appearance, to moisturise, give even skin tone, to improve skin elasticity, improve skin radiance, smooth uneven skin texture and to protect and prime skin.
I was very impressed with this product as it did what it said it would after just one application. My skin felt smooth and firm and I also noticed lines around my eyes were lessened.
It has a pleasant fresh smell that is not overpowering.
I had no reaction no itchiness or redness.
The fact that it achieves 8 benefits for your skin in 1 product also saves you money on buying lots of different creams for wrinkles and skin softening.

Clinically proven to effectively reduce dark circles and brighten the eye area, your search for the perfect eye cream is over. Its active formula with moisturising agents, Syn-Ake peptide brighten and illuminate and further ingredients reduce dark circles in just four weeks. Lightening eyes that appear rejuvenated, the Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Eye Cream is the ideal eye cream for everyday use.
As I've mentioned in previous reviews I have to be very careful with creams around my eyes as the skin tends to gets red and sore very easily.
I was very pleased with the results from this product as I had no itchiness and no redness and I think this was due to the fact that there are artificial fragrances which is what usually irritates my eyes.
Even after a couple of days I noticed a big difference in the skin around my eyes so I would definitely recommend this product especially if you have sensitive skin.
You only need a very small amount so one tube of this will last a long time.
Widely known to banish frizz and leave luscious long locks, Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil is your one-stop product to revitalising your hair. The active keratin oil replenishes hair and repairs bonds damaged through styling. It locks in moisture, enhances shine and controls frizz for good-hair-days every day. Its versatile formula makes it the ideal partner for after shampooing and before and after styling to add protection and shine.
As I dye my hair I find that my hair gets very dry especially the ends.
This product helped to combat this dryness and it also prevents frizz which I get a lot of at the front of my hair. 
 I also noticed that it helped with smoothing knots in my hair. 
It is good to find something I can use every day that does not make my hair feel greasy.
This is also parabens free which is better for your hair.

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