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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

mary jean / review / face mask / lip balm / 100% natural

I shall first review the three lip balms I received.
These lip balms were in three different consistencies:
The first one being organic vanilla and cocoa this is one I would use over my lip stick or on its own to give a nice sheen to my lips.
The second being the natural strawberry which was more moisturising.
The third which was my favourite was a banana lip balm and this one I have been using at night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning and my lips feel lovely and soft after use and I would highly recommend this one to people who have very dry or chapped lips as it works very well and the results are long lasting.
The next part of my review is for the Mary Jean Normal Skin Facial Mask
The first positive about this is that it is 100% natural so you know that you are not putting any damaging chemicals on your face. This is important to me as I have very sensitive skin especially on my face.
Water is added to the product to form a paste.
There are tiny grains in it which acted as a very gentle exfoliant and my skin felt very smooth after use.
I had no reaction no redness or itchiness and was overall very impressed with this product and will definitely use again.

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